BFL CANADA, your difference!

Through BFL CANADA, you are associated with highly skilled professionals who take into account your concerns and your particular reality to ensure that they offer you a specialized, customized and local service.

We are here to defend your interests and work for you, with you.

A PROUD 100% CANADIAN COMPANY – From our beginnings to the present day, BFL CANADA has built its reputation on our homegrown identity. The company shareholders and main partners are Canadian; executive and operational management is local; and development strategies are based on the opportunities and economic, social and financial realities of Canada and Canadian businesses. This fundamental commitment has enabled us to forge strong bonds of trust with our business community coast to coast and to offer local expertise to our clients that is agile and expeditious.
A FULLY INDEPENDENT FIRM – We have no bias. We are independent and consequently, have the freedom to collaborate with all insurers, allowing us to find the best insurance product for you. By maintaining our operational independence and promoting a business model based on entrepreneurship, ownership and employee management, BFL CANADA has positioned itself as a leader in insurance brokerage, risk management and related financial services.
A BUSINESS MODEL BASED ON EMPLOYEE-SHARED OWNERSHIP – In addition to the recent strategic investment by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, BFL CANADA has been 100% employee-owned since its foundation. This business model is reflected in the fundamentally entrepreneurial genetics of the company and our professionals. It fosters the commitment of our teams and encourages initiative, operational and decision-making latitude, as well as innovation.
A STRONG AND UNIQUE CORPORATE CULTURE – BFL CANADA’s culture is the foundation of our success. We are proud of the company we have built and especially of our employees. From the beginning, our culture has attracted the best professionals in the marketplace, enabling our impressive growth while maintaining our diligent execution of mandates. BFL CANADA is more than just a financial firm—it is a partner of choice for our employees and clients alike.

Contributing to your success

“If you are in search of a rewarding relationship with an insurance brokerage and risk management firm, you can count on us to make a difference” – Barry F. Lorenzetti, CEO and Founder

Why use a broker and consultant for your insurance and risk management needs?

By entrusting your insurance, risk management and employee benefits needs to BFL CANADA, you are dealing with a team of specialized brokers and advisors who understand all facets of your industry.

Our role is to thoroughly identify the extent of your risks and give you access to the insurers that best suit you on the market, both here and internationally.

Our consulting services aim to provide you with tailored solutions so you can gain a competitive edge that will help you attract top talent and reduce employee turnover. At all times, we advocate on your behalf and protect your interests with professionalism and integrity.


Great people

We are insurance brokers, we don’t work for an insurance company.

  • We work for YOU!
  • We are solution agnostics.
  • We are results driven.
  • We have professionals in over 45 market niches.
  • Our extended team of specialists can help scope and make financial analysis for the most complex cases.
Custom coverage

We have extended access to the market to find your ideal insurance solution.

  • We rigorously assess your needs.
  • We negotiate on your behalf to get the best protection, rate and deductibles.
  • We approach qualified insurers to bid on your specific needs.
  • When needed, we can combine many insurers to share the risk.
  • Once satisfied we provide you with the best proposal on the market.
Peace of mind

We provide a stress-free claim experience and advocate on your behalf.

  • We are always there to answer questions and assist you.
  • We have internal claim teams specializing in many industries.
  • We are approved by Lloyd’s of London and have the ability to settle claims directly in some business lines and for specialized risks.
  • Bottom line, we save you precious time and help preserve your peace of mind.
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