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In order to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility, BFL CANADA maintains a multi-year accessibility plan which highlights both accomplishments and areas for continuous review and enhancement.

Statement of Commitment

BFL CANADA is committed to accessibility by identifying, removing and preventing barriers to promote the rights of all individuals and to build and create an inclusive and accessible working environment in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code (the “Code”) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (the “AODA”).

BFL CANADA supports the intent of the AODA and its goal of achieving accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities with respect to Customer Service, Information and Communications, and Employment.

BFL CANADA is committed to ensuring accessibility for all staff and clients with disabilities by identifying, removing and preventing barriers that might interfere with their ability to obtain services provided by BFL. We strive to provide client services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of individuals with disabilities, providing them with the same opportunities as anyone else.

BFL CANADA strives to ensure that all of our staff and clients receive equitable treatment with respect to employment and services, without discrimination; and receive accommodation where required.

BFL CANADA's Strategic Road Map

BFL CANADA’s multi-year accessibility plan documents our approach by outlining the actions that BFL CANADA has taken and will continue to take to improve opportunities for all. The multi-year plan and applicable policies apply to all individuals entitled to the protections set out in the AODA and its Regulations. The multi-year plan is a fluid document and will be reviewed at least once every five years as part of our commitment to accessibility.

Accomplishments to date

  • Accessible Customer Service Policy
  • Customer Service Standard E-learning delivered to all Ontario staff
  • Accessible ways to provide Feedback
  • Accessible formats and communication support
  • Accessibility of Employment practices for external applicants
  • Accessible formats and communication support for staff
  • Accessibility of Employment practices
  • Accessible websites and web content – As of July 2017
  • Workplace Emergency Response Information – reviewed and updated annually or when a change occurs
  • Review of Multi Year Accessibility Plan – every five years
  • Multi Year Accessibility Plan

Multi Year Accessibility Plan

BFL CANADA’s multi-year accessibility plan can be found on our website and our intranet.

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Last revised: December 2023

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