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At BFL CANADA, to help our clients succeed and keep their competitive advantage, we arm them with our in-depth industry knowledge. Our team of professional brokers make it their business to know your business. That is how we have come to specialize in various niche industries that require unique coverage solutions. With our expert advisors on your side, the odds are stacked in your favour.

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Your farming business plays a major part in the global food chain production. Whether you’re harvesting crops or managing meat packaging plants, you’re faced with a series of daily risks that can potentially hurt your bottom line. We have the agri-specific coverage solutions you need to flourish year after year.

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Audiovisual Productions and Performing Arts

Lights, camera, insurance! Whether it is on stage, on film or for a special event, you know what it takes to make “magic” happen. We know what it takes to deal with unexpected risks during that process.

Aviation & Aerospace Industry

From aircraft operations to Aircraft Maintenance Organizations, manufacturers, ground handling and airports, your focus is on the safety of your crews and the passengers and cargo you care for.

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Avoiding the legal pitfalls of the cannabis production industry is overwhelming at best. You understand more than anyone else that it’s not just about crop loss or instantaneously leaping from seed to sales. We’re here to outline the risks you face and provide the protection you need to remain operational.

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Condominium Owners and Tenants

Owning or renting a condo comes with a myriad of obligations that are often overlooked. In fact, 60% of Canadian condo owners are not adequately protected in cases of property damage, upgrades and improvements, and personal liability. We can ensure you get the best coverage.

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With multi-faceted construction projects comes the need to remain on time and on budget, all in an effort to avoid financial drawbacks. We can help you get your plans off the ground.

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Tapping into tomorrow’s energy sources, whether traditional or renewable, requires a masterful handle on production and refinery techniques. Our coverage solutions are designed to deal with the unexpected.

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Your love of horses is unmatched. But whether you are on the farm or the equestrian range, that passion also comes with astronomical vet bills. We offer affordable protection solutions with the equine industry’s reality in mind.

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Financial Institutions

Today’s financial institution industry demands better accountability towards the clients it serves from the authorities that regulate it. With our country-by-country coverage solutions, we can help your organization thrive.

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Food and Beverage

From packaging to manufacturing to quality control, you know what it takes to make it in the food and beverage industry. We know how to protect you from the daily hazards that can affect your bottom line.

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From paper to biofuels and wood products, your forestry business is an essential part of the cyclical economy. Helping you remain fully operational in times of crises is our area of expertise.


From forced business closures to commercial kitchen fires and food safety concerns, and even dealing with slip and fall injuries from either travellers, patrons, or staff, you can rely on BFL CANADA’s team of local advisors to find an innovative custom coverage solution in line with today’s hospitality sector.

Indigenous communities

BFL CANADA is happy to build relationships with Indigenous partners and supporting structures, processes, and agreements between Indigenous peoples and the insurance industry centred on collaboration, core values alignment, capacity building, and effective risk management.

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Life Sciences

Working in the health and pharmaceutical industry means facing a range of liability issues that can affect people’s lives and impact your company’s survival. Thanks to our risk consulting services, you’ll be better equipped to handle those impacts.

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Marine and International Logistics

Moving commercial cargo from pier to pier and across oceans requires logistical skills that won’t break the bank. With our tailormade insurance policies, your business financial livelihood is in good hands.

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Through the entire mining life cycle of financing, exploration, development, operations and then closure, we provide solutions that support stakeholder value creation, now and in the future.

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Personal Lines

You work hard for the property you’ve acquired; your home, car, watercraft and condo are the fruits of your dedication and drive – and it’s all worth protecting. Our custom coverage options are designed to do just that.

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Private Client Services — High Net Worth

You enjoy the finer things in life. As a high net worth individual who likes collecting fine art and vintage cars and purchasing waterfront properties, you need worry-free protection that allows you to appreciate your assets with peace of mind. That’s where we come in.

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Public Sector – Municipalities

As a public official, your focus is on protecting residents and municipal property and services. Thanks to our tailored coverage solutions designed for municipalities and non-profits, you can remain calm and collected when faced with costly risks and exposures.

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Real Estate Insurance Services

As the head of a condominium association or a residential corporation, your priority is to run a tight ship that won’t bring financial ruin to the homeowners. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the real estate industry, we have designed policies that can protect your assets.

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Sports and Leisure

With our vast sports and leisure field experience, running a sports and leisure organization becomes straightforward. Our policies are designed to help you keep your head in the game.

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Owning and managing a commercial fleet means simultaneously focusing on driver safety and your bottom line. By staying up to date with the latest transportation industry’s standards and regulations, we know what it takes to help you “keep on truckin”.

Video Game Industry

At BFL CANADA, we have the video game industry insurance resources you need to protect your business, studio or VR/eSports facility from copyright infringements, media plagiarism, cyberattacks and injuries caused headsets, handheld controllers and other types of console devices used in the video game sector.

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