Portrait of B. F. Lorenzetti
Barry F. Lorenzetti
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Barry F. Lorenzetti is an entrepreneur, builder, and corporate leader in the insurance industry in Canada, and as his close friends can attest, he is also a discreet philanthropist and a man deeply aware of the importance of community service.

Under his leadership, BFL CANADA has become a Canadian powerhouse in the field of insurance. BFL CANADA has enjoyed extraordinary growth; so much so that Mr. Lorenzetti now oversees a firm of over 1,100 employees in 23 offices across the country. BFL CANADA is the largest Canadian employee-owned insurance brokerage company with over $2B in insurance premium volume and, as a partner in an international venture, Lockton Global LLP, is represented in over 140 countries worldwide.

Of utmost importance to Mr. Lorenzetti is the fact that after more than 30 years, BFL CANADA continues to be owned and operated by its own employees across Canada.

Mr. Lorenzetti has been heavily involved in community service and supporting charitable organizations for many years, as well as sitting on a range of boards. Some of the causes he has been involved with include the Butters Foundation raising funds for autistic children in Canada, YWCA Foundation, Arion Orchestre Baroque and the Québec Society for Disabled Children. More recently, he decided to carry out a project that is dear to his heart, which is creating a foundation to advance mental health in Canada: The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation. In 2021, he also created the first-ever Women in Business Centre: the Barry F. Lorenzetti Centre for Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership, located at the John Molson Shool of Management at Concordia University, in Montreal.

For several years now, and in keeping with his lifelong love of hockey, he has also been involved with Hockey Canada and sits on the Board of the Hockey Canada Foundation. One of Mr. Lorenzetti’s favorite project with the Foundation is the Dreams Come True Program in Quebec, in which he has participated both as an organizer and fundraiser. This program, that has been successful across Canada, promotes hockey to our youth.

He is a frequent speaker at various industry forums on insurance and other subjects in both Canada and the U.S, and was the recipient of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 International Business Leader of the Year Award.

Barry F. Lorenzetti is the proud father of three children – Maggie, Justin and Jenna – and it has always been important to him to instill in them the same sense of community his own upbringing impressed upon him.

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