Expatriate Insurance

Protect your employees by ensuring their coverage around the globe.

Due to increased globalization of multinational organizations around the world, more companies are sending employees abroad. Do you plan to have an employee live or work in another country? Know that anything can happen abroad, including an unexpected illness or accident. As an employer, it is your duty to protect the safety and security of your employees, including employees and their families who are living and working abroad.

Although an organization cannot anticipate every risk an employee might face, an employer can plan for such eventuality by purchasing Expatriate Insurance prior to relocating an employee. This insurance coverage has been designed to cover financial and other losses suffered by employees living and working abroad.

Expatriate coverage is very similar to group insurance. It covers life insurance, salary insurance, medical and dental benefits for employees posted abroad, as well as their families, if applicable. This insurance is more comprehensive than travel insurance, since it covers non-urgent situations.


What are the benefits of Expatriate Insurance?

  • Ensures employee’s peace of mind so they can devote all their energy to their work;
  • Enables employers to rely on experienced insurance companies to assist their employees;
  • Can offer protection without evidence of insurability.


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