Companies dealing with acquisitions trust BFL CANADA for deal-related insurance and employee benefits due diligence.

Our professionals become a part of your team. They collect and analyze data that is critical to your business transaction.

We make our clients the most educated buyers by helping them:

  • Evaluate the risk and expense management of the target company;
  • Quantify and define pre-closing liabilities;
  • Provide post-closing insurance budgets for pro forma financials and the subsequent placing of post-closing insurance programs;
  • Create efficiencies to meet client financial objectives and exit.

Our services include a review of three main areas: financial analysis, transaction analysis, and insurance/benefits and risk management review.

Scope of Services

  • Our key findings including benefit promises and costs, based on available data;
  • Identify any issues and concerns that may have a financial impact on the proposed transaction;
  • Compliance with country benefit regulations based on benefit program information received;
  • Assumption of identified benefit insurance policies and programs, and commentary on competitiveness of current benefit programs;
  • Assumption of pension plans and identification of unfunded pension liabilities;
  • Severance or termination benefits description and related liabilities;
  • Highlight actions that need to be taken prior to closing;
  • Highlight actions that need to be taken post closing.


To learn more about our Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence, we invite you to reach out to us.

Resolve your employee benefits challenges and get ahead of the competition.
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