Dental Care: A window to your overall health.

As is the case with Supplemental Health Care, your company may want a traditional dental care program or one that provides your employees with different options.

A traditional dental care plan consists of three levels of coverage: 

  • Basic coverage which covers check-ups and routine services;
  • Major Restorative Care which covers crowns and bridgework;
  • Orthodontic Care which covers braces.

Alternatively, a flexible plan would allow the employees to choose a level of benefits that meet their personal needs. For example, a young family may be willing to pay a higher premium in order to obtain orthodontic protection, whereas single employees or older couples may want a more basic program.


BFL CANADA can ensure that your dental plan meets your company’s requirements and budget.


To learn more about Dental Care Insurance, we invite you to reach out to us.

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