Flex/Modular Programs

Do your employees want more flexibility in their group benefits plan?

Employers work towards meeting their employees’ diverse needs and expectations. Just as with flexible working hours and a balance between work and life, the diversity of needs in terms of coverage is increasingly undeniable. Rather than a defined (one size fits all) package of benefits under a traditional benefits plan, an employer can provide employees with benefit choices. Modular plans are an example of flexible benefit plans.

A modular plan is a package of several different bundles of benefits, which can be used by employees to select a benefit package of their choice. A modular plan benefits both the employer and the employees – the employees are free to choose their own benefits as per requirements while the employer is saved of the burden of employee dissatisfaction because of limited availability of benefits.

On the other hand, in a flexible plan, employees use credits allocated by the plan sponsor to purchase their benefits coverage, with different levels of coverage for each benefit type. Based on their needs, employees can select the level of coverage.

Whether it is a full-choice flex or a modular plan, employers are able to accommodate the variety of lifestyles and priorities of their employees. These types of plans also increase employee awareness regarding benefits costs and encourage them to become responsible shoppers in regards to their health services.


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