Group Benefits - Global Services

Doing business on an international scale is challenging.

The investments you make in employees around the globe deserve maximum returns and the need for multinational support and regional resources has become paramount. You need a global employee benefits partner that understands the culture, speaks the local language, and knows how to strengthen your business.

BFL CANADA has the expertise to assess your company’s employee benefits needs and deal with the complexities and unique challenges with our international capabilities, as well as the resources to implement a plan structured and tailored to your business.

We are a founding Partner of Lockton Global LLP, an international network of independent brokers and agents. This network is composed of like-minded partners with respect to providing clients with outstanding services. This allows us to accompany our Canadian clients with foreign activities in over 140 countries around the world.

This legal partnership of leading independent brokers serves and advises multinational companies by providing innovative integrated solutions in employee benefits, risk management and insurance. We all share a common goal: to deliver results for our clients.


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