The Canadian Society of Club Managers (CSCM) Benefits Program

Comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial security

The private club industry continues to evolve in order to serve ever-changing market segments. Traditional services have been augmented and so have the challenges faced in drawing and retaining qualified employees.

BFL CANADA and the Canadian Society of Club Managers have worked together since 1996 to develop comprehensive employee benefit programs to meet your everyday needs and challenges. BFL CANADA is a proud Platinum Corporate Partner of the Canadian Society of Club Managers.

Program Highlights

Group Insurance

  • Unique contract for each member club;
  • Enhanced living benefit for the General Manager;
  • Increased bargaining power with the insurer;
  • Greater stability in annual premium, allowing an easier budget process;
  • Comprehensive plan designs (5 lives and up);
  • Higher levels of coverage without medical evidence;
  • Flexible coverage options for seasonal employees;
  • Optional coverage available for all employees at no additional cost to employer;
  • Online services for employers and employees on a 24-hour/7 day basis.

Group Retirement

  • Range of professionally managed investments with competitive investment management fees (IMFs);
  • IMFs typically lower than retail investments, which helps maximize your investment returns;
  • Dollar cost averaging to take advantage of market fluctuations;
  • Support and guidance for employees;
  • Employer support with the administration and compliance.


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