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Consulting services

Gain a sustainable competitive edge, attract top talent and reduce employee turnover with our employee benefits consulting services.


Employees have always been central to organizations, but their strategic importance is growing in today’s knowledge-based economy. The rate of change has never been more profound and an organization’s success increasingly depends on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its employees. Providing a comprehensive and competitive employee benefits program is essential to:

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Attract and retain top talent
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Protect a crucial asset: your employees
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Maintain productivity
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Maximize after-tax compensation

Furthermore, the multi-generational evolution of the workforce has a significant impact on plan conception and design. Older workers require protection for issues related to chronic conditions that generally result in daily medication use. On the other hand, younger employees are requesting more flexibility in their benefit plans and the ability to choose the level of coverage they feel they need. As the millennial workforce is growing in size and will soon outnumber baby boomers, employers are changing their perception towards employee benefits and are viewing them as great drivers to attract and retain key employees.


Employee benefits encompasses everything from group life and health to pension and retirement planning. An employee benefits program is not a one-off item. It is designed to protect your employees while safeguarding your business interests and it represents a strong commitment to your employees who rely on the plan for their health and financial well-being.


But striking a balance between cost control and employee satisfaction can be challenging. This is where we come in. Our approach to employee benefits consulting is based on our big picture thinking. Selecting and providing your employees with a great plan is just the first step. Ensuring the plan remains valuable to your employees – and viable for your business – requires ongoing supervision and monitoring. Our consulting services are all about keeping your benefits on track over the long term. We provide you with dedicated specialists as well as a range of tools and resources, and are continuously engaged in collaborating with you to ensure the sustainability of your employee benefits program. With BFL CANADA Consulting Services Inc. as your long-term consulting services partner, you are free to focus on what you know best – your business.

What sets us apart from the competition

We invite you to explore how BFL CANADA’s consulting services can effectively contribute to your success and help you gain a competitive advantage through employee benefits tailored to your needs.


We not only provide you with a broad range of consulting services, we also have you covered on every angle, whether in group benefits, group retirement or executive benefits.


We have over 30 years of experience in providing in-depth consulting services and affordable solutions. Our recommendations are always objective and our client’s needs and interests take precedence over other considerations. Our experienced benefits consultants and dedicated in-house actuarial services team work with you to assess your needs.


We are a founding Partner of Lockton Global LLP, an international network of independent brokers and agents. This network is composed of like-minded partners with respect to providing clients with outstanding services. This allows us to accompany our Canadian clients with foreign activities in over 140 countries around the world.


Our risk management, insurance brokerage and and benefits consulting firm has locations in major cities across Canada.


We have access to the entire Canadian market and can place policies with a majority of insurance companies in Canada. We recommend the program or solution that is right for your business needs and, thanks to our reputation and our purchasing power, we negotiate for you the best costs.


We take pride in our 98% client retention rate, which is far above industry average.


Our commitment is to serve our clients by providing our expertise through a broad range of consulting services. We are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to help you gain/maintain a competitive employee benefits program.

The BFL CANADA Advantage in a Competitive Market

BFL CANADA has achieved extraordinary growth because of our consistent ability to perform and deliver due to our expertise, professionalism and dedication, as well as our entrepreneurial culture. This culture and work ethic have driven our growth and have attracted organizations with which we have established meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.


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Our experienced advisors are dedicated to providing you with exceptional consulting services. Although risks vary from one organization to another, our professionalism, our rigour and our commitment do not. We understand that every business is unique and are committed to delivering tailor-made and sustainable employee benefits solutions that align with your organization’s needs and corporate culture.

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