Since 1989 BFL CANADA Consulting Services Inc. and the Canadian Society of Club Managers have successfully developed a comprehensive Group Insurance Plan designed to attract and retain the best employees in the hospitality industry.

On a stand-alone basis, private clubs are not considered as a favorable risk by group insurance underwriters. As a result, the Multi-Club Group Insurance Plan was established to secure flexible group insurance programs and retirement savings plans, at significant savings when compared to plans on a stand-alone basis.

There are over 60 clubs across Canada participating in the program with over 1,600 plan members.


  • Substantial savings from the power of group purchasing
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage beginning at five lives
  • Seasonal employee coverage is available
  • High degree of flexibility in Health and Dental Plan design
  • Referral service for the prevention and management of disability claims
  • Exclusive $5,000 Trip Cancellation Benefit
  • Optional medical referral plan, "Second medical opinion of McGill"
  • Optional Benefits including Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance

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