Disability insurance is another significant element in a group insurance program. It is an area where BFL CANADA's consulting skills can ensure your program is properly designed to hold down costs and provide the best value for your benefit dollar.

There are two parts to a Short Term Disability Program. First, an accumulation of paid sick days. Some companies will offer one sick day for each month of employment up to a maximum of 5 or 10 per year. Second, once an employee is disabled for a longer period of time, a short term disability benefit becomes payable.

Short Term Disability Programs may be self-insured or fully insured. Most major life insurance companies also offer an adjudication service for self-insured plans.

If the plan meets certain minimum requirements, it may be registered with Employment Canada and the sponsoring company would qualify for an EI premium reduction.

BFL CANADA will help you structure your plan so as to minimize absenteeism costs, as well as avoid conferring taxable benefits to your employees.