Horses present unique risk issues, whether they are used for pleasure, show, breeding, racing, or other commercial purpose. Your insurance broker must be able to identify these challenges, specific not only to the horse industry in general, but also to your particular discipline, and provide you with insurance products and risk management advice that will adequately protect you, your equine partner, and your equestrian operations.

BFL CANADA has provided insurance solutions to Canada’s equestrian community for over twenty years. Our reputation has grown to the point where we have been appointed the official insurance broker for many Provincial and National Equestrian Associations, as well as numerous local clubs across Canada.

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The experienced equine insurance specialists on our team are also lifetime horse people who fully understand the risks faced by horse owners and equestrian professionals. As such, we have developed insurance programs and worked closely with insurers to provide the most comprehensive coverage needed to answer the highly specialized requirements of equestrians, clubs, service providers and horses including:

  • Horse insurance
  • Equine farm insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance, including stableman’s liability insurance
  • Equine veterinary practice package
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability

It is imperative that you feel secure in knowing that you have broad insurance coverage in place in case an accident occurs. However, wouldn’t it be even better to prevent the accident from happening at all? BFL CANADA can help you keep your horses and riders safe through risk management services such as loss control inspections on property and seminars specific to the needs of various clubs and associations. Let us know how we can help. 



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