A variety of hazards are inherent in virtually all business operations. These can range from fires, to flooding, to supply chain disruptions, depending on the specific location, process and organization used by the business. The impact of these hazards can potentially be extremely severe and may be difficult to accurately identify and quantify. Often, engineering solutions to these issues are available and can be an effective means to mitigate the potential for physical damage at a facility, as well as the resulting disruption to operations.

A strong risk management program should include a risk control engineering element to assist in the identification of these hazards, the assessment of existing protection, and the development of additional systems and procedures to mitigate the potential for loss. BFL CANADA provides professional engineering consulting services to their clients across the country in a range of key service areas.

Our professional services include :

  • Risk control engineering assessments
  • Insurance marketing support
  • Fire protection engineering
  • Loss control programs and training

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