The global economic crisis has been very difficult for certain national economies since 2008. Important political decisions have been made to rescue local economies; for instance, the US Government bailing out several organizations, including banks, from bankruptcy or the eruption of protectionism in several countries. One of the latest cases is the expulsion from Venezuela of a leading French distributor.

Protectionism in all shapes and forms represents an increased threat to foreign investors, but political risk insurance can help reduce the potential financial consequences, as well as protect the assets of the investor. At BFL CANADA, we can tailor coverage to your requirements, whether equity investments, physical assets, cross-border loans or contracts for goods and services.


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Which types of investors should consider political risk insurance?

  • Foreign subsidiaries of manufacturers
  • Construction companies working on foreign infrastructure projects
  • Companies involved in joint ventures with foreign organizations

Which high-risk countries should you be concerned about?

The answer changes with the changing environment. With BFL CANADA's ability to tap into information channels and networks worldwide, we can bring the answer to you and your management teams in a timely fashion as your operations evolve.

Who provides this insurance?

At BFL CANADA we have access to markets around the world so we can keep you abreast of changes in coverage, markets, capacity and volatile environments: a responsible approach to an unpredictable world.