Whether you own a business or sit on the Board of a private or public company or a non-profit organization, you are subject to liability for your decisions and actions. The company you serve has provided you with an indemnification agreement, but do you know how much funds are put aside for the defence of the Directors and Officers in case of a claim? If you own part of the company or if you are the sole owner, you want to protect your assets and the bottom line of your business.

Although many claims and suits are unfounded, the defence costs associated with them can still be staggering and may prove to be too much to bear for many companies, let alone an individual. And did you know that indemnification agreements and different legislations which govern companies may not permit a corporation to indemnify its directors and officers under certain circumstances?


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Addressing the executive risks faced by your organization, including Directors and Officers liability, is an essential part of your business continuity plan. 

Whatever the type and size of your organization, BFL CANADA will take the time to get to know your business and address its specific business needs through customized insurance products. Our experts keep abreast of legislative changes, legal decisions and claim trends so we may point out how these may impact your business and its Directors and Officers.