Companies involved in international trade are faced with a multitude of challenges and risks that might impact their bottom line negatively. Due to the proliferation of international trade over the past few years, companies operating in Canada have come to the realization that their needs are constantly changing as product lines have expanded to meet global demand.

Furthermore, the companies involved in international trade are not a homogeneous group and “tailor-made” policies are indispensable to their protection. Otherwise, exporters and importers alike may lose thousands of dollars in unpaid claims.

As an exporter or importer, you need to be able to rely on experts to analyze your cargo portfolio and design a customized cargo insurance policy that will address your specific operations and logistics.


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BFL CANADA makes a difference to clients on a daily basis by:  

  • Protecting their assets and reputation
  • Contributing to improved international trade administration
  • Enhancing and protecting their relationship with their customers

Simply stated, our world-class expertise and sterling reputation reap major benefits for our clients. And with an outstanding team of experts and full network of resources, BFL CANADA is uniquely qualified as a provider of Risk Management services to companies trading globally.