Frédérik Pelaez
Frédérik Pelaez, B.Eng., MBA, CRM, FCIP, CIB
Damage Insurance Broker


Frédérik joined BFL CANADA in 2011. He leads the commercial sector for the Montreal office, which brings together four major business units serving clients in industries including real estate, construction, transportation, manufacturing, forestry, technological risks, natural resources, the plastic sector and professional service companies; as well as specialized insurance products such as bonding, marine insurance and credit insurance. He is also responsible for the management of BFL's cross-border and international affairs in Quebec.

In addition, he manages a portfolio of medium and large scale clients, and deals with risk managers in various sectors.

Frédérik is a member of the Chartered Insurance Professional Society and holds the title of Fellow (FCIP). He received his Master of Business Administration in 2011 with Honours from H.E.C. Montréal.

In 2012, Frédérik was awarded the Emerging Leader Award, a national prize from the Insurance Institute of Canada. He also holds the titles of Chartered Insurance Broker (CIB) and Canadian Risk Manager (CRM).

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Frédérik Pelaez