Why choose BFL CANADA




"It's not the quantity of people a firm possesses, but the quality of the team deployed."

BFL CANADA is one of the fastest growing and most successful insurance brokers in Canada and so are our people!

It's a Partnership

At BFL CANADA, we are proud of the company we've built and especially of the employees we hire. We are committed to contributing to the positive experience employees will have at BFL CANADA. To ensure this, we will: 

  • Offer a diverse learning environment that challenges you to build on your strengths and to create new ones;
  • Share and celebrate our successes;
  • Foster a culture that appreciates individual strengths and differences and find a way for everyone to benefit from each unique contribution;
  • Reward you for your contribution, passion and commitment to BFL CANADA.

The success of every relationship requires a mutual commitment, so here's what we expect from you: 

  • Share your passion and creativity so we continue to be great;
  • Be committed to our vision and core values;
  • Take initiative and responsibility for your career and development;
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience with us.

At BFL we are proud of:

  • Providing an enjoyable work environment; 
  • Providing opportunities for continuous learning;
  • Providing advancement opportunities for hard working and dedicated employees; 
  • Being a leader in the Canadian Insurance Brokerage industry;
  • Being a Canadian company;
  • Being a private company;
  • Having open communication between management and employees.


BFL CANADA is an equal opportunity employer.

We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Our Culture

BFL CANADA's unique culture fosters growth, development and opportunities for those who share the company's vision and core values. We are proud of our work environment that promotes innovation and creativity and keeps us one step ahead. At BFL CANADA, we believe in:


Respect and Recognition of Diversity

At BFL CANADA, we strongly encourage our employees’ professional and personal fulfillment. A sense of solidarity and combining our strengths is of the utmost importance; it creates an environment that is based on respect. We are proud to promote diversity; we celebrate our employees’ work and efforts, without ever taking into account their origin, condition or identity.



Excellence is our main source of motivation, it defines us. It is because of our determination, our expertise and our high productivity that we are able to achieve excellence. We give the best of ourselves at all times; by practicing due diligence, professionalism and efficiency, we guarantee superior quality service.



We truly believe that teamwork allows us to reach new heights. Everyone’s strengths are deployed and opinions heard, which gives us the opportunity to excel, with great enthusiasm and enjoyment.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are always ready to take risks and we see every challenge as an opportunity to surpass ourselves by being innovative, autonomous and proactive. We take the road less travelled and examine situations from every possible angle to offer solutions that are unique and innovative.



Each action we take is guided by strong moral and ethical principles. We aim for an unwavering coherence between our actions, values, methods, measures, politics, procedures, expectations and results.


Community Support and Charity Work

We are committed to helping others, so we give back to the community by supporting various charities and by promoting ecological practices. As a corporate citizen, we believe that social responsibility should be an integral part of our business philosophy. We firmly believe that together, we can make all the difference.

Awards, Rewards and Benefits

Recognizing and rewarding our employees is a part of our culture. We celebrate our employees’ success as they continue to learn and grow with BFL by reviewing compensation packages annually.


Our competitive benefits program have been developed to support employees’ lifestyles and families. It is available on line 24/7 to facilitate electronic claims and tracking.


BFL’s total compensation package includes:

  • Competitive remuneration and incentives
  • Extended health, life and dental plan
  • Retirement Program - to help make planning for your retirement easy.
  • 100% Education reimbursement for courses directly applicable to your position - 50% at registration and 50% upon successful completion
  • Employee Recognition Rewards which includes rewards for certifications, obtaining insurance designations and service, as well as activities, prizes and gifts, to mark the milestones in your life or in BFL’s activities, etc.

FAQ - Careers

What does BFL stand for?

These three letters stand for Barry F. Lorenzetti, the founder, president and CEO of the company.

Where was the first office located?

BFL was founded in Montreal in 1987 by Barry F. Lorenzetti.

How many offices are there across Canada?

We have offices in fourteen cities across the country.

Does BFL have international clients?

BFL CANADA is one of the founding partners in the Lockton Global partnership, providing risk management, insurance, and employee benefit solutions for multinational companies. BFL’s portfolio of international clients is growing significantly, as it is the case all economic sectors due to globalization.

Is BFL a private or public company?

It is a private employee owned company.

Is BFL involved in the community?

BFL CANADA believes in social involvement in the community. We support many causes and charity organizations across the country and that in various fields such as arts and culture, sports, health and entrepreneurship, to name just a few.

Also, we are proud to support Samuel Girard, short-track speed skater and Olympic gold medallist, since the beginning of his career.

What does work hard, play hard mean to BFL?

We focus on getting the job done during work hours so we can have fun doing team building activities. We rely on our social committees throughout the country to enhance the lives of our staff.

How does BFL excel?

We encourage employees to obtain their high level designations and offer in house training sessions. 

What distinguishes



BFL was founded in Montreal in 1987 by Barry F. Lorenzetti. He was quickly joined by others who shared his vision, and from then on.



Our experts provide exceptional service through a dedicated and experienced team approach. BFL makes a difference!



We have offices in 14 cities across the country. Contact one of our branches now!