What risks do you face?

Crime insurance

Extortion, theft, forgeries: employee fraud is often hard to detect and can be quite costly. With our insurance products, you can simultaneously shield your balance sheet and company from the unforeseeable.

Cyber Risk Insurance
Cyber Risk

With the convenience of web-based technologies also comes a slew of possible threats to your system’s security, including major data breaches. Is your firm or company ready to deal with the next financial fallout? We can help identify the gaps.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability and Executive Risks

Managing an organization involves an ever-expanding number of duties and responsibilities. Are you protected in the event of a lawsuit that alleges your failure to meet those obligations? Let us assess your risks.

Employment Practices Liability

As an employer, you stand vulnerable against claims made by staff alleging discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment. We’re here to support your HR team with the right resources and coverage solutions.

You’re ready to take your business to the next level and tap into unexplored markets that stretch beyond our borders. We have access to a range of coverage solutions designed to help you make a successful impact on international markets.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you’re expanding or downsizing your business, mergers and acquisitions come with their share of risks for both the buyer and the seller. We offer custom protection to secure a smooth merger or acquisition that’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions)

If your company or its workers faces claims of inadequate work, are you ready to cover the court costs and the settlement? What would be the financial impact if you were accused of negligent actions as a professional? We can assess your errors and omissions before they become a burden.

Risk Management

How do you go about avoiding and minimizing risks while still seizing on the opportunities and the capital that can help your business grow? With our risk management solutions that evaluate your total cost of risk, you’re well positioned to make an impact that benefits your organization and shareholders.

Surety Bonds

If the third-party you partner up with for a construction project fails to meet their obligations, what would that mean financially for your company? We can help assess your risks before you are faced with a half-finished venture.

Trade Credit

Your clients no longer have the ability to stand by their payment obligations? Your best defence as an exporter, manufacturer or distributor is trade credit insurance. Our coverage solutions are designed to help you stay on track and avoid bankruptcy.

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