Tan Singh
Chief Human Resources Officer


As Chief Human Resources Officer, Tan leads the important function of managing the Human Resource strategy in support of BFL’s overall business plan and strategic direction. Specifically, she leads areas such as succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational planning, training and development, diversity and inclusion, and compensation. Tan provides strategic leadership direction and support to the executive leadership team.


Tan joined BFL CANADA in 2018. She has numerous years of experience in leading organizations in key areas such people management, social responsibility, corporate governance, and strategic planning. She has extensive experience working within national and international markets, with various diverse cultures. She has held strategic leadership roles working within varied business models in highly successful organizations.



Tan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, an MBA, a Bachelor of Adult Education, and a Human Resources certification. She is also a professional Executive Coach, and she is certified in Workplace Mental Health.


Tan is a member of BFL CANADA’s Senior Executive Group.