"It's not the quantity of people a firm possesses, but the quality of the team deployed."

BFL CANADA is one of the fastest growing and most successful insurance brokers in Canada and so are our people!

It's a Partnership

At BFL CANADA, we are proud of the company we've built and especially of the employees we hire. We are committed to contributing to the positive experience employees will have at BFL CANADA. To ensure this, we will: 

  • Offer a diverse learning environment that challenges you to build on your strengths and to create new ones;
  • Share and celebrate our successes;
  • Foster a culture that appreciates individual strengths and differences and find a way for everyone to benefit from each unique contribution;
  • Reward you for your contribution, passion and commitment to BFL CANADA.

The success of every relationship requires a mutual commitment, so here's what we expect from you: 

  • Share your passion and creativity so we continue to be great;
  • Be committed to our vision and core values;
  • Take initiative and responsibility for your career and development;
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience with us.

At BFL we are proud of:

  • Providing an enjoyable work environment; 
  • Providing opportunities for continuous learning;
  • Providing advancement opportunities for hard working and dedicated employees; 
  • Being a leader in the Canadian Insurance Brokerage industry;
  • Being a Canadian company;
  • Being a private company;
  • Having open communication between management and employees.