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John Antonecchia John Antonecchia commercial lines damage insurance broker Montreal Sherry Barge Sherry Barge Calgary Véronique Beamish Véronique Beamish Winnipeg Lyne Benoît Lyne Benoît Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Lawrence Bicknell Lawrence Bicknell Vancouver Sherry Bignell Sherry Bignell Calgary Olivier Bilodeau Olivier Bilodeau Damage Insurance Broker Quebec Daniel Binette Daniel Binette Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Carin Black Carin Black Toronto Patrick Bolduc Patrick Bolduc Damage Insurance Broker Quebec Sébastien Bouchard Sébastien Bouchard Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Matt Bradshaw Matt Bradshaw Vancouver Linda Buckton Linda Buckton Calgary Adam Bunz Adam Bunz Calgary Frédérique Chevalier Frédérique Chevalier Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Greg Cortese Greg Cortese Calgary Philippe Côté Philippe Côté Commercial-lines Insurance Broker Montreal Guylaine Déchaine Guylaine Déchaine Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Tom DeCoteau Tom DeCoteau Vancouver Serge Delisle Serge Delisle damage insurance broker Quebec Ann Donald Ann Donald Calgary John Donovan John Donovan Vancouver Jacques Dufresne Jacques Dufresne Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Penny Dyte Penny Dyte Calgary Christine Ellis Christine Ellis Toronto Marie Farley Marie Farley Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor, Financial security advisor Montreal Jules Fiorini Jules Fiorini Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor Montreal Shaun Freeman Shaun Freeman Vancouver Eddie Fung Eddie Fung Calgary Kris Gaetano Kris Gaetano Toronto Virginia Gayford Virginia Gayford Toronto Darren Gentile Darren Gentile Vancouver Gilles Gervais Gilles Gervais Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Lisa Giannone Lisa Giannone Commercial-Lines Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Kara Glauser Kara Glauser Ottawa Dane Gorton Dane Gorton Vancouver Matt Haley Matt Haley Vancouver Matthew Hanak Matthew Hanak Calgary Michelle Hebert Michelle Hebert Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Seth Henoch Seth Henoch Winnipeg Abe Herbst Abe Herbst Waterloo Sean Hurley Sean Hurley Toronto Yenni Huynh Yenni Huynh Damage insurance broker Montreal Terry Johnson Terry Johnson Vancouver Art Jukes Art Jukes Calgary Brian Kelly Brian Kelly Commercial-Lines Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Lori Kieswetter Lori Kieswetter Toronto Stephanie Kirton Stephanie Kirton Toronto Brennan Knopp Brennan Knopp Toronto Steve Lacoste Steve Lacoste Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Teresa Lancione Teresa Lancione Commercial-lines Insurance Broker Montreal Jack Lee Jack Lee Toronto Daniel Lemay Daniel Lemay Damage Insurance Broker Quebec Diane Lemay Diane Lemay Montreal Nellie Lindner Nellie Lindner Toronto Shane Lindsay Shane Lindsay Calgary Joe Lobo Joe Lobo Toronto Christopher Low Christopher Low Calgary Patrick M. Vena Patrick M. Vena Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Michelle Magdic Michelle Magdic Winnipeg Jean-François Marcotte Jean-François Marcotte Financial security and Group insurance plans advisor Montreal John Martin John Martin Calgary Gareth McDonnell Gareth McDonnell Vancouver Geoff McKee Geoff McKee Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Janet McLean Janet McLean Vancouver Jeff McLellan Jeff McLellan Vancouver Lawrence Mcmullan Lawrence Mcmullan Ottawa Terry McRae Terry McRae Damage Insurance Broker Halifax Brenda Mendieta Brenda Mendieta Vancouver Robin Messenger Robin Messenger Vancouver Jean-François Michaud Jean-François Michaud Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor, Financial security advisor Montreal Steve Moreau Steve Moreau Waterloo Fred Moroz Fred Moroz Vancouver Paul Murcutt Paul Murcutt Vancouver Gregory Mussell Gregory Mussell Winnipeg Opal Andrea Newell Opal Andrea Newell Toronto Bob Nicholls Bob Nicholls Toronto Randy Nobbs Randy Nobbs Vancouver Jean-François Paquet Jean-François Paquet Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Richard Paquin Richard Paquin Group insurance plans advisor Quebec Kelly Parker Kelly Parker Toronto Danny Patten Danny Patten Vancouver Frédérik Pelaez Frédérik Pelaez Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Andrew Pell Andrew Pell Vancouver Robert Pellerin Robert Pellerin Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Brian Penthor Brian Penthor Toronto Peter Perdikis Peter Perdikis Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Sandy Peters Sandy Peters Winnipeg Grant Petroff Grant Petroff Calgary Bradley Potter Bradley Potter Vancouver Cosmo Racano Cosmo Racano Managing Vice President (Winnipeg) Winnipeg Tony Reed Tony Reed Calgary Colin Roberts Colin Roberts Vancouver Jeff Roth Jeff Roth Toronto John Rowe John Rowe Calgary Denis Roy Denis Roy Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Serge Roy Serge Roy Group Insurance Plans Advisor, Accident and Sickness Insurance Representative, Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Sara Runnalls Sara Runnalls Toronto Joelle Savard Joelle Savard Damage Insurance Broker Quebec Chris Sinardo Chris Sinardo Toronto Judge W. Singh Judge W. Singh Toronto Mark Skeans Mark Skeans Vancouver Clive Stoner Clive Stoner Calgary André St-Onge André St-Onge Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Steve Storrey Steve Storrey Vancouver Michael Sullo Michael Sullo Commercial-lines damage insurance broker Montreal Marc Surprenant Marc Surprenant Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Jason Syms Jason Syms Montreal Anne Taylor Anne Taylor Vancouver Rahim Tejani Rahim Tejani Calgary Richard Thomas Richard Thomas Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Sabrina Thornton Sabrina Thornton Calgary Andrew Timmons Andrew Timmons Halifax Fionna Tse Fionna Tse Vancouver Sacha Vaillancourt Sacha Vaillancourt Commercial-Lines Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Lorne Vaincourt Lorne Vaincourt Damage Insurance Broker Montreal David Vanasse David Vanasse Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor Montreal, Quebec Daniel Vena Daniel Vena Commercial-Lines Damage Insurance Broker Montreal Jonathan Vermette Jonathan Vermette Commercial-lines damage insurance broker Montreal Éric Vincent Éric Vincent Commercial-lines Insurance Broker Montreal John Wendell John Wendell Vancouver John Wright John Wright Vancouver