BFL CANADA's unique culture fosters growth, development and opportunities for those who share the company's vision and core values. We are proud of our work environment that promotes innovation and creativity and keeps us one step ahead.

We believe in:

Making a difference for our clients: Our clients and their businesses are unique and thus should be treated as such. We are committed to understanding clients' individual needs so we can tailor solutions for them. We are passionate about building and maintaining strong relationships with our insurers as well as our clients because they help us to continuously add value in our service offering.

Excellence, Intensity and Professionalism: Excel by delivering efficiencies, responsiveness, expertise, high level of quality and productivity.

Respect and trust in our employees: Treat others as we expect to be treated no matter the age, orientation, origin, sex or disability. We are all professionals that can be trusted and empowered to do our jobs. We believe that everyone can evolve within BFL.

Integrity: We are honest, have strong morals and ethical principles. We foster an environment where there is consistency in actions, values, methods, measures, policies, procedures, expectations and outcomes.


Team Work: We appreciate collaboration and truly believe it enables us to achieve more. We provide better results by working as a team and encouraging each and everyone to share their views and demonstrate their strengths. We like to work hard and play hard!

Entrepreneurship and creativity: Autonomous, proactive and willing to take risks. We are always looking for solutions covering all angles, we think outside the box. We believe that we can generate new ideas by viewing challenges as opportunities.

Community service and charitable activities: Our community involvement provides us with the opportunity to become closer to the people we do business with and our community. We also think green!