Partnership with Hockey Canada Supporting Women's Hockey

BFL CANADA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Hockey Canada supporting Women’s hockey. This five-year agreement will focus on growth and development opportunities for female players and coaches, and will contribute to the advancement of women’s hockey in Canada, both locally and nationally. In collaboration with Hockey Canada, we developed a plan to set the young girls and women up for success and eventually help them reach their full potential at a professional level. 

More specifically, BFL CANADA will become the title sponsor of training, evaluation and selection camps for Canada’s National Women’s Team, Canada’s National Women’s Development Team and Canada’s National Women’s Under-18 Team. These camps serve as a key component for the coaching staff as it looks to identify and develop the players who will represent Canada internationally. We will also build a new initiative to recognize women in coaching named the BFL CANADA Female Coaches of the Year program and be involved in the Women Master Coach Developer Program to create a pool of certified women leaders to train future facilitators and evaluators in order to increase the number of active women coaches at youth levels across Canada. More details on these programs will be shared in the future.

Finally, BFL CANADA will also support female grassroots hockey as the presenting sponsor of the IIHF World Girls’ Hockey Weekend and the IIHF Global Girls’ Game, as well as being a partner of the IIHF Women’s World Championship through 2024. 

Hockey has been in BFL CANADA’s DNA from the start, and this partnership is only natural for us. BFL CANADA is extremely proud to be a part of this journey and to help funding these initiatives to make the future of women’s hockey brighter. As we all know, we have highly talented female players in Canada and investing in their passion and their future is an honour for BFL CANADA.

 To read Hockey Canada's press release, click here.

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