BFL CANADA’s Administration Tip of the Month by Jules Fiorini

BFL CANADA’s Administration Tip of the Month | By JULES FIORINI| DECEMBER 27, 2018


What you need to know about golf professionals compensation programs

There are multitudes of different occupations in today’s typical golf club including golf professionals that enhance the success and member satisfaction in the private club environment.

When it comes to providing indirect compensation programs to golf professionals (i.e. health and welfare benefits including registered pension plans), you should review the eligibility provisions outlined in your group insurance contract and plan document.

There are instances whereby the golf professional is not directly on your club’s payroll but rather the services rendered are billed to the club via an incorporated or registered company. In these circumstances, it is important to refer back to your group insurance contract and plan document as the insurance company on risk may not consider these individuals eligible for coverage or may apply restrictions to the life insurance coverage and outright decline coverage for long-term disability insurance.

The review with your broker/consultant on such matters is recommended in order to avoid any conflicts or misinterpretations.

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