The commercial real estate sector faces many challenges. These include managing tenants with diverse occupancy profiles, containing service costs, managing market fluctuations, being able to deploy capital in the most strategic way and developing growth initiatives that will maintain revenue streams while satisfying investors’ expectations.


With these demands, commercial insurance and risk management advice are critical components. To ensure that your business is protected and is able to remain competitive, it is imperative that your insurance broker understands your risks.

BFL CANADA is the nation’s leader in developing new and competitive insurance products designed specifically for real estate clients. Our real estate expertise supports REITS, asset managers, property managers, owners, developers, land banking, and stratas/condominium corporations.


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Providing our clients with a dedicated team of experts focused on the needs of the commercial real estate sector, our expertise and understanding of the sectors’ needs is unmatched: 


  • BFL professionals thoroughly understand the sector and can respond to the full risk management needs of the commercial real estate sector
  • Engineers provide practical advice to reduce and minimize the chance of theft, fire and water damage
  • Claims personnel allows for efficient settlement of claims, faster recovery times and optimal insurance recoveries
  • BFL professionals assess each client’s individual needs and design an insurance and risk management program to meet short- and long-term goals
  • We provide consultation on related development and construction projects
  • You can rely on our in-depth understanding of real estate sector nuances: property management vs. asset management vs. ownership

The breadth of our experience, coupled with the scope of our resources, provides our real estate clients with a higher degree of confidence in the operational resiliency of their asset base and more predictable revenue streams.