All professionals providing advice or design services have a liability exposure that, if not properly managed and insured, could have repercussions that would be financially crippling to a firm or its principal(s). Whether you are thinking of starting up your own firm or are an established firm, you should be working with a broker who understands your exposure and needs.

Architects and Engineers need a Professional Liability Insurance broker that is able to identify and address the unique circumstances they face such as:

  • The risk of negligent acts, errors and omissions

  • Risks arising from contractual undertakings, including indemnification and “hold harmless” clauses in agreements which may be excluded from insurance coverage

  • Professional liability claims made against Architects and Engineers many years after a project has been completed

  • Failure of the policy to cover prior acts without any time limitation or “retroactive date"


BFL CANADA specializes in the placement of Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions Insurance) and our Architects and Engineers team operates as part of our Construction Services team. BFL has earned the trust and respect of underwriters and can therefore often negotiate better terms and conditions on behalf of clients.

Our clients are Design Professionals, including Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Project/Construction Managers and Design/Build Firms. Our client list includes firms that range from sole practitioners to some of the largest firms in Canada.

As a leader in risk management, BFL CANADA is committed to helping our clients manage their risks and keep pace with their ever-changing needs.



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