Environmental issues are important to business because:


    • They are expensive. Companies spend money on contaminated site cleanups, liability issue settlements, additional capital investments and operating expenses


    • Due to liability provisions in environmental law, companies may be held liable for the site even though they weren’t the original polluter


    • Environmental cleanups have a history of exceeding their original estimates


    • The public is increasingly concerned with the way companies address environmental issues. Companies that behave poorly are subject to negative publicity, as well as lawsuits, boycotts and loss of customers


Whether you are a property owner, a construction company, a consultant or a manufacturer, you have environmental exposures. Our environmental risk consultants guide you through the various products available to your company concerning environmental liabilities. We also facilitate merger & acquisition transactions with the use of policies to transfer environmental risk.

A thorough evaluation of your current and future liabilities will help us develop a risk transfer program to contribute to the financial stability of your company if there is a loss. Building on this evaluation, we take a creative approach to marketing and placing coverage.


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