Organizations face strategic, operational, financial, and hazard risks that, if not effectively managed, could influence their ability to meet objectives.

These risks cross corporate branches, divisions, and silos, and encompass multiple compliance and risk areas. Globalization, emerging markets, e-commerce, consolidation, deregulation, intense competition, product and market innovation and technological advances all contribute to enterprise risk.

BFL CANADA experts assist clients in developing ERM as an ongoing process by identifying and monitoring existing and emerging risks, developing action plans and linking ERM to corporate strategies, the budget process and performance management.

Our team helps your executive team map these risks and establish an acceptable risk tolerance level, and develop action plans to reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

Whether driven by the requirements of a public firm, the board or CEO in a private firm, or government agency, ERM is not merely about avoiding or minimizing risks, rather it ensures that opportunities are seized and capitalized on and is a continual process of protecting and enhancing value to the entity and shareholder.


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