The sports world in Canada is vast, diverse and complex. Both amateur and professional organizations operate on the same playing field but with truly different requirements when it comes to insuring their people, their athletes, and their assets.

Amateur sports and leisure organizations have a high dependency on volunteers. It is therefore critical that volunteers, as well as athletes, be properly insured by their governing bodies.

The issues facing professional sports are very different. Player contracts, high salaries, contract guarantees, cross-border trades, large expensive venues, high numbers of attendees at games, sales of alcohol and food to spectators; all impact pro teams. The cost of both the coverage and the management of claims are both critical elements to the financial planning process affecting all teams and leagues.


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The international component is also a very important aspect of competing at both amateur and pro levels. Out-of-country exposures due to illness, accident and liabilities are more acute today than ever before. The threat of terrorist acts in foreign countries is very real and must be addressed.

BFL CANADA is an authority in the field due to its extreme knowledge of the context and challenges with which amateur and professional sports organizations have to cope.

Our team is well versed in all aspects of the management of sports organizations and has the expertise and experience to deal with issues and propose effective solutions.

BFL CANADA prides itself on the quality of its client services. Volunteers want answers to their questions, as well as pro teams doing financial planning for the upcoming years. A quick, concise and accurate response is BFL CANADA’s commitment to all its clients.