Regardless of their size, retail stores present a wide variety of risks which must be managed effectively to ensure successful business continuity and profitability. Whether the store is part of a large department store chain, a franchise operation, or a single-location specialty shop, it faces fundamental challenges and risks.

Wholesale distributors are the essential link between the manufacturer and retailer. They provide facilities and services for the storage and distribution of products, and their operations can present some unique risks and hazards which also require management. Expanding globalization, technological advancement and increased government regulation also create new opportunities and risks for wholesalers.


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The retail and wholesale distribution specialist team at BFL CANADA understands the strategic and operational risks facing your business. Our team members are experienced at proactively identifying your risks and will help you assess, manage and transfer some of those risks to other parties and/or insurers. They will design customized loss control and insurance solutions to fit your specific risk profile.

BFL CANADA has access to all domestic and international insurance markets, and our specialists have the experience to structure the optimal insurance program, coverage and pricing to meet your unique needs.