Every day, professionals must contend with increasingly demanding clients, face fierce competition, and deal with a growing number of litigious disputes that arise with customers.

If a few years ago it was unthinkable to question the decisions of a professional, those days are now gone.

All professionals are at risk: professional project managers, management consultants, engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, brokers, accountants, computer specialists, massage therapists, etc. The abundance and availability of information has resulted in a public that is well informed of their rights. This same public will not hesitate to exercise their rights, or to appropriate new ones.


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As a professional, you should choose to purchase professional liability insurance to address two fundamental needs: 

  • Protecting your reputation and your company’s reputation
  • Protecting your company’s future and your assets.

Our specialists cater to companies of all sizes in an array of industries; from national companies with offices throughout Canada; to financial institutions, small regional firms, groups of professionals or local companies operating internationally. Whatever your business, BFL CANADA can help