The manufacturing industry is exposed to a wide range of issues that can have a significant impact on individual companies, depending on a variety of factors such as: 

  • Target markets and the end users of their products
  • Technology involved in their production process
  • Sales geography (US exposure or sales)
  • Strength of the Canadian dollar
  • Price of oil and other raw materials and commodities
  • Local and international competition

We represent all domestic insurers and we have access to all international markets, including Lloyd’s of London. 


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These relationships enable us to offer insurance protection from the very standard to the more sophisticated, whether your activities require: 

  • Business interruption and contingent business interruption
  • Pollution insurance
  • Failure to perform/rip and tear coverage
  • Products liability and products recall
  • Credit insurance
  • Patent infringement coverage
  • Cargo insurance
  • New generation coverage for specialized machinery
  • Fluctuating values for raw materials

Contact the BFL CANADA office nearest you in order to receive expert insurance and risk management advice and services through a single point of contact, whatever the risk, anywhere in the world.