If your company is in the business of manufacturing health products or pharmaceuticals, you face unique risk and liability issues that could threaten the company’s survival if they are not properly handled. You recognize this but may have difficulty determining if your needs are being properly addressed.

It is important to understand that insurance products offered by insurers through brokers will never fully cover all of your risks. In addition, if your broker is not complementing insurance coverage options with risk consulting, then you are not getting the service you need and deserve. The person providing this service must be familiar with your business, the exposures it faces and the degree to which standard insurance products offer solutions.


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After extensive research and years of experience, BFL CANADA has developed the expertise and product knowledge necessary to properly identify, explore, and address your specific needs and serve your industry. Our best advocates are our clients, and we would be pleased to arrange for you to speak with some of them.

We are well known in health and pharmaceuticals, and foreign multi-national pharmaceutical companies with extensive in-house risk management expertise are choosing BFL CANADA as their Canadian broker, because we understand their concerns and the significant characteristics of the North American market.