Expanding global markets, plant closure/consolidation, depressed commodity pricing, and fluctuating currencies are just some of the competitive demands facing the forestry products industry in Canada today. These factors, among others, put tremendous financial stress on clients within this dynamic industry.

It is therefore crucial that risks and exposures be addressed and that clients work towards attaining a cost-efficient risk program and effective advice in meeting their corporate objectives. A sound risk management and insurance program is an essential part of a strategy to maximize results and protect assets from financial threats.

BFL CANADA specializes in providing sound risk management and offers responsive and proactive insurance brokerage services to specialized companies from Harvesting, Sylviculture and transport, to Sawmill operators, Pulp, Paper, Packaging and Power Cogeneration, Biomass, Biofuel, and Residual Wood to Remanufacturing and Value Added Wood Products and Veneer and Panel Producers. Our experts will review risk identification, mitigation, financing, and transfer of your program on a regular basis in order to recommend changes to reflect the evolution of your company.

Following are some of the insurance coverages that are available for financing risks associated with the forest products industry:

  • Property, asset protection, including machinery breakdown
  • Business interruption including sales interdependency amongst multi-locations
  • General liability including product liability
  • Trade credit insurance
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability Insurance/ employment practice liability
  • Reclamation bonds and surety requirements
  • Construction insurance including course of construction/ wrap-up
  • Business continuity/trade disruption
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Workers’ compensation and employers’ liability
  • Admitted paper required in foreign countries


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