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Gilles Gervais
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I was recently at the airport with some of my friends who were traveling with me. We were talking about this and that, sipping on a glass of wine when we realized we were going to miss our flight! Very bad time management.

Nowadays, busy calendars and time schedules are the reality of workers in all economic sectors. Good time management in the office is crucial to help us attain our goals and meet our obligations. It is however important to build a realistic time schedule and aim for a happy medium. We should never try to supersede the quality of products or services we provide in order to meet an overloaded agenda.

Whatever our trade, we are all aware of the consequences of making a mistake: the risk to the company, the professional or the worker to be sued. Managing time and priorities badly might lead us to cut corners and although these might not necessarily qualify as professional errors or misconducts, they remain very important and real very risks.

What do we portray to our clients and suppliers by cutting corners? In the long run, we build an image of being neglectful, lazy and even incompetent individuals. Our employers can also suffer from this reputation issue.

Whatever industry you work in, remember these few tips:

  • Build realistic and balanced calendars and time schedules.
  • Do not reduce quality for the sake of quantity.
  • Appropriately manage your time and don’t hesitate to tell a colleague who is taking up too much of it (too often for personal matters) that you are busy.

At the end of the day, you may even have some time left for a glass of wine!

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