Ann Donald

Ann Donald

Vice President, Client Executive





Nowadays, there is alot of news about the decreasing number of new permanent jobs, the increase in contract positions and the decline of lifelong work… overall about the expectations of the younger generation regarding their future job prospects.


For my part, I have only known the work I do in the insurance industry. From that part-time job in a small agency, to a larger brokerage, to underwriting and then back to brokerage, my work has always been in the insurance industry, although many people outside of the business could not understand why anyone would like to work in this domain.


As someone who has spent four decades in the business of insurance, I look back in time and remember some key "Aha!" moments which reinforce my belief that working in the insurance business is valuable. There are people behind each piece of paper we produce. If you love working with people and learning more about them and their business, this is the first part of the job that will get you hooked. Then, there is the purpose behind each policy or certificate you issue, i.e. the advice given on managing the risk. In my career, I focused on construction related clients. The work we do in the insurance business is part of the essential infrastructure necessary to put shovels in the ground, provide financial security to owner's lending institutions and give assurance that there is protection to the public after a project is completed. And most importantly, we help protect the financial integrity of the client.  


When driving about, it is a delight to see our work behind the scenes being brought to action, such as large buildings rising from the ground, completed projects that are now iconic to the city, and land being developed for the future. When you get a call from a client who is reaching out for advice or needs consulting when in a difficult situation, you get to be part of their business and bring great value to it.


There are immense responsibilities linked to working in insurance. We are accountable for the advice we offer as much as the products we sell: they must work for the client and suit their needs. That means we always need to stay current with the market and evolving products as well as understand the client's business in order to match their unique needs with available products. There is no time to be bored as every day brings new challenges.


In today's work world, the business of insurance is still a place where a person can find interesting, challenging and rewarding work. There is room for many talents and for many types of personalities. The key is that you care about quality and delivering value. There is an opportunity to enjoy a lifelong career that evolves and grows with you.  

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