I’m writing this blog entry as I am closing in on leaving for a three week vacation.  In business as in personal relationships, we depend on the power of the team to help us through our day and accomplish tasks that depend on a collective effort much greater than the abilities of one person alone.

In the business of insurance, our team includes our peers, underwriters, claim management personnel, specialists in many fields of expertise and especially our clients. It is the power of team work that can solve many of the challenges we face in today’s business environment.

When a client hires our team to handle their insurance, surety and risk management requirements, we strive to become part of their greater team. We take our responsibilities seriously, as we have been charged with caring for and protecting some of the most precious and treasured assets – our clients’ livelihood and their lifetime investment in their businesses.  

Recently opportunities opened up for many of our clients where they were presented with the possibility of pursuing larger projects requiring surety and insurance support outside of their normal scope. Collectively, the team came together to find solutions and action plans -- where others may have shaken their heads in defeat.   This is where the trusted relationships between BFL CANADA, our clients and our underwriters shine.  When we come together as a team and aim for greater understanding of the challenge ahead, we are rewarded with finding solutions that are often beyond what we as lone individuals may have been able to resolve on our own.  We are thrilled that the efforts of the Team have opened new doors of opportunity for our clients.

I am very proud of the highly skilled team that has developed at BFL CANADA and know I can rely on them to look after the needs of our clients. I also know our clients look to us to provide them with solutions and services relating to their programs. We endeavor to meet and exceed their expectations on a daily basis and are always open to feedback.

The role of an insurance broker is evolving just as much as the expectations and needs of our clients are evolving. Cost is an important factor in the many decisions clients face when selecting their service providers.  When measuring value, you should also consider the “Power of Team Work” and how it brings positive results to your operations.


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